The Real African Problem

by Robin Elliott on November 25, 2014

Kevin Myers (born 30 March 1947) is an Irish journalist and writer. He writes for the Irish edition of the Sunday Times, having previously been a columnist for the Irish Independent and a former contributor to The Irish Times, where he wrote the “An Irishman’s Diary” opinion column several times weekly. Until 2005, he wrote […]

You Can’t Bank Ego

by Robin Elliott on November 6, 2014

It’s been said that they who can’t sell teach others to sell. That being busy and being productive are not necessarily the same things. And that feeling important is entirely different to being important. The sound of your own voice may be sweet to you, but does it increase your bank balance? Are you very […]

Intelligent People Are Proactive

by Robin Elliott on November 5, 2014

In Greece, when they experienced financial collapse recently, people who had lived in the same mortgage-free homes for hundreds of years, LOST their homes. Why? The government increased property taxes to a point where they were unaffordable. And then they stole the homes of people who couldn’t afford the taxes. Smart people left Germany when […]

The North American TV Disaster

by Robin Elliott on October 28, 2014

Politicians use misdirection and false flags to hide their giant Ponzi scheme and money grab, wars to steal oil and heroin and boost their flailing economy – we all know that. And television and movies are their powerful partners. After all, isn’t that how Putin got into power so fast in the Russia? He learned […]

If Wanted to Murder my English Teacher

by Robin Elliott on October 24, 2014

If I wanted to murder my South African high school English teacher, I could easily do it by getting her to commit suicide. Of course I would never do that, because I loved my English teacher. She was an alcoholic who stank of cigarette smoke, drank during class from a bottle of brandy she kept […]

Gold and Bamboo?

by Robin Elliott on October 11, 2014

After you plant a bamboo sprout, nothing happens or 4 or 5 years. You can water and fertilize it, but there is no visible evidence of any growth. Then in the fourth or fifth year, everything changes. Within six weeks, the Chinese bamboo tree grows to a staggering ninety feet tall – up to three […]

Decisions Determine Destiny

by Robin Elliott on October 4, 2014

She sets goals to get fit and lose weight, but she won’t stop smoking. He decides to make money in his business but he refuses to run it on a full time basis, even when he can afford to do so. She claims to be a Christian, but she tradespeople, restaurant servers, and beggars like […]

Numbers Don’t Lie

by Robin Elliott on September 26, 2014

If you’re tired of believing everything the Western Media tells you, look at this: First, let’s put apartheid as a system into perspective. Do we know how many blacks were killed under apartheid? We do, and the source is none other than the Human Right Commission submitted as evidence to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission […]

Self Employment Redefined

by Robin Elliott on September 21, 2014

Many people believe self employment equates to entrepreneurism equates to running a business that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. This leads to the collectivist excuses that “it’s not for everybody” or “you need special skills” or “you need to go to school for that” or “you need to be smart” or rich or young […]

Do You Have Too Little Stress?

by Robin Elliott on September 15, 2014

A man bought a truck in the fall and used it to haul firewood. One evening it started snowing heavily, and the truck’s wheels were spinning and he couldn’t more an inch. It was getting dark and the temperature was dropping. Instead of sitting in the truck feeling sorry for himself, he got out and […]