3 of 11 Biggest Mistakes Made by the 97% of MLMers Who Fail

by Robin Elliott on December 18, 2011

97% of Network Marketers don’t make it. And it’s not always because of laziness, lack of perseverance, inadequate focus, or stupidity. Many of them in fact work very hard for a good length of time before quitting in desperation and disappointment. And they spend a lot of money buying the training tools, attending the Conventions, and neglecting other income opportunities. There are eleven major mistakes that they unwittingly make. Here are three of them.

1. Much of the information that they are taught is out of date and no longer works in the modern world.

Think about it: Most of the people who are the greatest producers (and therefore their Trainers) in their particular business built their business some time back, and the world has changed dramatically since then. Yet these are the people doing the training, and most of the training material that MLMers buy is based on outdated, outmoded information. Hype and motivation only goes so far. These trainers now live on momentum and mass, and what they teach is like a map of New York being used in LA.

The world is changing faster and faster, buyers are a lot more cynical and sophisticated, and buying patterns and motivations have changed. MLM has a bad name, even though it’s a great business model, and the way around this is significantly different from what it used to be. You can dig deep and still fail if you’re twenty feet away from the treasure.

2. They attempt to recruit losers instead of producers.

Newbies lack the certainty, confidence, and track record that allows them to feel comfortable attempting to recruit real producers, so they start off trying to recruit people they deem to be their inferiors or people they don’t feel are a threat to their self esteem, like servers in restaurants, taxi drivers, relatives, complete strangers, even beggars in the street.

Their lack of success, or their successful recruitment of losers, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and they start to prove their detractors and hidden doubts right. The recruitment of just one real producer would seriously improve their expectations and boost their self esteem. And it’s easier than most people realize, but not using the antiquated, obsolete system they are being taught by has-beens with expensive cars, big rings, and flashy clothes.

3. They spend precious time and money one non-producers, trying to turn them into producers.

You’ve seen those conscientious, caring MLMers begging losers to attend the meetings and conference calls to learn more extinct systems from well-meaning leaders; it’s sad and frankly very unfair on those naive newbies. They transport them to meetings, pay their dues for them, coax, cajole, and bribe, all the time losing hope and energy themselves.

The time, enthusiasm, and money they waste on non-producers could be redirected to productive activities and focused on recruiting and supporting producers instead. But they don’t know that, because nobody tells them. They simply don’t know how to get Centres of Influence and producers on their side, (and it doesn’t always have to mean recruiting them! But that’s another story.)

There are proven solutions to these problems. My heart goes out to well-meaning people who lose hope, money and time by using the wrong information and failing. I have been successfully involved in four MLM companies and I have coached 23 MLMers. I use my 24 years of experience in teaching Joint Ventures to entrepreneurs in North America, Africa, and the United Kingdom, and it applies perfectly to Network Marketers.

For each of the eleven Mistakes, there are specific solutions. And the solutions work. I share these powerful solutions in group workshops and one-on-one with my coaching clients. So before you quit, and instead of settling gratefully for a mediocre income, talk to me. robin@dollarmakers.com

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