Pride Comes Before the Fall

by Robin Elliott on August 25, 2014


Confidence is not arrogance. So when Rush Limbaugh, for whom I actually have a lot of respect, calls the American Health Care System “The greatest healthcare system in the world,” he joins those who have no problem calling every police force in America “the greatest police force in the world” – confidence turned into extreme arrogance, surpassed only by ignorance.

The once great country of America has demonstrated that pride does, indeed, come before the fall. Even with their dismal public education system, 25% of the world’s prison population, the militarization of their police force, an invasion of illegal immigrants, the ongoing destruction of every country who wouldn’t accept petrodollars, blatant lies and numerous false flag events, they kept going on pure momentum, but now the chickens are coming home to roost.

This is a very sad event, because this bastion of decency, capitalism, and Christianity is giving way to Chinese and Russian ethics. The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have bypassed the US dollar and the only real powers there are Russia and China – not the best people to do business with, definitely not trustworthy, and certainly not very forgiving. They will disappear you or publicly shoot you as fast as a beheading in a Muslin country.

And so we watch a sea change taking place in the world – the Western world has been successfully undermined by liberalism, and is now weak and faint. With an American leader who hates the very country he leads, Russia and China are tightening the screws and encountering no real resistance. Putin is using his KGB skills to court Cuba and the South Americans, and both China and Russia are hoarding the only real money – gold.

Why this “negative” article? Well, in 2008 I warned, in this very Blog, of the danger of electing Obama. Mike Malony, Peter Schiff, and a number of other men who are far, far smarter than I am have warned on the impending crash of the US dollar and the fact that it will drag most other paper currencies down with it.

You can prepare or keep hoping for things to get better. I have owned life insurance since I got married at the age of 23 because I am a responsible, thinking adult. For the same reason, I own gold and I can show you how to have other people buy gold for you. “God, guns, groceries and gold” isn’t only for crazy Prepper conspiracy theorists; it’s as sensible as owning life insurance. For the same reason you buy car insurance and house insurance.

The financial fall is coming, just as sure the season. You can be prepared or hope that by some miracle you will escape it. Don’t let your pride get in your way.

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Robin Elliott

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