Self Employment Redefined

by Robin Elliott on September 21, 2014

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Many people believe self employment equates to entrepreneurism equates to running a business that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. This leads to the collectivist excuses that “it’s not for everybody” or “you need special skills” or “you need to go to school for that” or “you need to be smart” or rich or young or “in the right place at the right time”…. all unmitigated tripe.

There was a black man in South Africa during apartheid that was illiterate. He sold pumpkins and became a millionaire. Charging someone to fix his bicycle is being self employed. Cleaning shoes, washing cars, painting a fence, removing junk – those are self-employed entrepreneurs doing that, and if they work hard and they’re good at what they do, they can expand and get rich.

I retired twice doing and teaching Joint Ventures. No risk. No cost. No overhead. No investment. Do things that others can’t or won’t and make them pay for it, and you’re in your own business. Teach them things they don’t know and want to know. Exchange your sweat and/or skills for money. I have always created multiple, diverse income flows.

Age is not a barrier, any more than education or connections. A prisoner can get out of jail and start his own business and do very well for himself without resorting to crime or trying to get a job. This ridiculous minimum wage argument – pay people more than their labour and skills are worth to satisfy the collectivist government – forces people out of work, increases prices, introduces mechanization and offshore outsourcing, lowers the standard of living, and creates havoc in a capitalist society.

You get paid what society deems your efforts and contribution to be worth. My German cleaning lady is a real gem. She works super hard, has a great attitude, gets the place sparkling. If she asked for a raise, she would get it in a heartbeat, because she is very hard to replace. And if she understood a little more about business and money – information she could get at no cost off my two websites – this one and this one – she could quadruple her income in short order.

Capitalism is business is value is the voluntary exchange of value for money. Give someone what they want, and they will pay you. We all have skills, energy, time, and a brain. This isn’t rocket science. Anyone can be self employed and nobody needs a job. Think about it next time you join the socialist unions and whine like a Hippie about minimum wage and getting laid off or fired. Grow up and start creating your own income.

You can make more money in a home based business, especially if you have more than one,  than you can in many conventional businesses that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Robin Elliott

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