The North American TV Disaster

by Robin Elliott on October 28, 2014

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Politicians use misdirection and false flags to hide their giant Ponzi scheme and money grab, wars to steal oil and heroin and boost their flailing economy – we all know that. And television and movies are their powerful partners. After all, isn’t that how Putin got into power so fast in the Russia? He learned the power of television from the Americans, who learned how to dumb down their people and make collectivism acceptable – a real life 1984, a real time Atlas Shrugged. But Alex Jones says it better than I can:

“No matter what show it is on television – dramas, reality shows, cop shows, movies – there are messages in them. Anti gun, anti liberty, anti male [anti white] – everything is just brainwashing. And you’ve got people who are brought up in this that really believe that this is how the world works, and that’s what creates the slacker society – people that have no ambition, don’t care if they’re losing their freedom, don’t want to work, don’t want to have their own business, don’t want to work for anybody, don’t want to be self directed, don’t want to be directed, because they literally are trendy television heads. Because they believe that’s reality.

“And what does it do to have the average American watching about 6 hours of television, the average youth watching about 10 hours of television and video games a day – that’s the current numbers – looking at something that isn’t real or is someone else – and believing that that’s the real universe when it’s a bunch of social conditioning.

“And that’s why we’re in so much trouble. And why reality can be turned on its head and inverted. And that’s why the power structure can pass Obama Care and bankrupt the country and hurt poor people on record with death panels and seven taxes on poor people – 21 taxes total – and do all the things to shut the economy down, the jobs, up the energy prices, up the food prices, devalue the dollar, publicly shift the illegals dumping them in cities to bankrupt them, and get away with bloody murder is because a large portion of the public aren’t even people anymore – they’ve been raised as these reactive creatures that think television is the universe and who are really extensions of the television – zombies – remote control robots, literally, who just wander around lazily, buying whatever they’re told.

“We’re living in a science fiction disaster film.” Full video here.

Think about what he says. Have you ever seen a movie or TV show since around 1996 when the star of the movie, wise, loving, good, all knowing – isn’t black, and the idiots he helps and directs are white? That’s not racist – that is a verifiable, objective fact – check it out for yourself. And then Obama gets elected, against all odds, as the president? And think about the amount of animalistic sex, the obesity, the same gender sex, and the amount of times the women run the home and the husbands are portrayed as bumbling fools – reversal of roles? How many times religion and traditional families are mocked, and the glorification and acceptance of drugs, smoking, pot, and killing?

Hollywood and television are the obedient, well paid servants of your dear leaders. They crush traditional, decent values and pervert all good things, starting with the most important building block of any nation – the family. Think about this next time you watch a movie or TV.

Robin Elliott

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