You Can’t Bank Ego

by Robin Elliott on November 6, 2014


It’s been said that they who can’t sell teach others to sell. That being busy and being productive are not necessarily the same things. And that feeling important is entirely different to being important. The sound of your own voice may be sweet to you, but does it increase your bank balance?

Are you very busy being busy, but you’re not making money? Maturity means taking a good, hard look at what you spend your time on, what you give attention to, and what you focus on, and then objectively evaluating the results you’re creating. Facing facts is not something people with raging egos (read weak self esteem) like doing.

Business isn’t about feeling famous, being noticed, or parading around on a stage. It’s not about your smart website, lavish offices, expensive (leased) car, or titles, ranks, or positions. Business is about bottom line profit. I teach business the owners that I coach to take inventory, to measure, and to strategize. The best results, the most profits, and the fastest turn around, is obtained through the use of leverage. This applies in virtually any business. And in order to use leverage properly, we need to be able to subdue our egos. It’s not about you – it’s about results.

How you feel is trivial. Who gets the credit means nothing. All that matters in business is results, because time is money. Wealthy and successful people are humble, inclusive team players. They are teachable. They understand the power of collaboration. They would rather have the right person do a good job than someone who needs to feel accepted do a bad job. They help people to find what they are good at and do that.

After all, we’re not there to entertain and impress prospects – we’re there to sell them stuff and have them coming back and again and again to buy more. So next time you come across someone who is a legend in his or her own lunchtime, remember this: they probably have very little money, a bad track record, and a poor self image. The quiet ones who are really good at what they do, would usually be quite happy to have someone else do the job, as long as the results are obtained.

Robin Elliott

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