Is it Your Low Self Esteem that Causes You to Hate Yourself So?

by Robin Elliott on April 20, 2015


I have great respect for the Chinese and Jewish people and their history of accomplishments. Not so much “multiculturalism” going on there. (Or in Russia or Japan or Saudi Arabia or Iran.) Jewish people, along with the Chinese, have the highest IQ’s in the world, on average. And then there’s England, the greatest truly imperial power the world has ever known, bringing civilization and enlightenment and education to the far ends of the world. The Britain that hates itself. That now calls itself a “European” country.

Why say that? Well, “Multiculturalism” really is a renunciation of self. “We’re not that special – come into our country and walk all over our traditions and values and ceremonies and impose your tripe on our citizens. Or threaten us and murder us. We’ll be “politically correct” and tolerate it and bend over. We’ll subjugate our laws to your savage, stone age, prehistoric, violent Shariah laws. We’ll let you get away with – literally – murder. We’ll allow you to insult us, limit our freedom, and then, finally, control us. That’s how much self respect and pride we have.”

Like those religious people who say, “We’ll, we’re really all the same.” We’re NOT all the same. Cultures, religions, philosophies, races, sexes, traditions, countries – are all very different. Some are more advanced and some are not. Some have achieved great things, some have achieved absolutely nothing. That, alone, should tell you something, if you had an open, inquiring mind, and a reasonable IQ to go with it. Multiculturalism actually believes in NOTHING.

In government schools, they try to drag the intelligent, gifted, motivated children down to the level of the average and below average.  Active, lively children are drugged. The lowest common denominator is the goal of the government “educators.”

A relative of mine, I am ashamed to say, told her four year old son, “It’s OK for you to marry a man one day.” The only thing that is judged, attacked, “bad,” and restricted is White, Christian, Heterosexual, and male. And, of course, the family, the essential building block of a sane and balanced society. Children swear openly at their parents and teachers and if you even raise your voice at them it’s now considered “child abuse.” One race represents a mere 3% of the population of Canada and 18% in the US and yet around 43% of the people depicted in adverts and 92% of the heroes, wise leaders, and moral superiors in movies are depicted as belonging to this single race. Say anything, and you’re labeled as “racist.” Unless you’re talking about White people. We’re fair game.

Well, the results are obvious for all to see. The self hating, constantly apologizing (and bowing, in the case of the Affirmative Action American president) West has effectively committed cultural and economic suicide. The culture, morals, traditions, and, yes, race that built it has been willingly demonized and attacked to the extent that we’re a pushover for the militant and the power hungry nations. We became our own worst enemy by self flagellation and denial.

A few of us have the guts to speak out about what is going on.

Mark Steyn, in his excellent interview about so-called “Multiculturalism,” explains this better than I do. And with a generous dollop of humour. See his video here.

Robin Elliott

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