Something They Will NOT Teach Your Children in Government Schools

by Robin Elliott on April 17, 2015


European settlement of South Africa began with the arrival of Dutch commander Jan van Riebeeck and his 90 men, who landed in 1652 at the Cape of Good Hope. In 1849 Livingstone abandoned the role of a traditional missionary and went exploring up into Africa in earnest.

By that time, Europeans and the Chinese had discovered the steam engine, the printing press, steamboats, ships that crossed oceans, bridges, the airship, the refrigerator, the sewing machine, palaces, castles, adding machines, telescopes, water thermometers, the pocket watch, blood transfusion, bifocal lenses, hot air balloons, the hydrolic press, the electric battery, the smallpox vaccination, bicycles, stepthoscopes, typewriters…

What had been discovered in Africa by that time? Nothing. Not even the wheel. Mud huts, bows and arrows, spears, canoes. That’s it. Nothing. The same goes for North America and Australia. And that is my point. Think about it.

And they won’t teach about the ongoing White genocide in Zimbabwe and South Africa, all the way down through subsaharan Africa. Why the jewel of Africa (South Africa) is collapsing due to violence, crime, mismanagement, corruption, and simple lack of ability – like every other African county has when the Whites left. The once-civilized and prosperous countries are systematically destroyed. Why do you think this is?

This is all available to fact check. Don’t believe me, but I lived and traveled in Africa from my birth in 1953 until I left in 1997. When I left, three years after Mandela came into power, – yes, I voted for him – the writing was already on the wall. The Western media and Hollywood avoids revealing any of this to the gullible, brainwashed West in order to promote their agenda.

Now what ELSE do you think they’re hiding from you, especially in regard to the financial situation in North America and Europe, and your future?

Robin Elliott

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