Killing the Vampires in Your Life

by Robin Elliott on August 20, 2014

“Professional or semi-professional vampire hunters played some part in the vampire beliefs of the Balkans. They were usually either born on Saturday (then called Sabbatarians,) or the offspring of a vampire and a woman (typically his widow), called a dhampir in Romani or a vampirovi? in Serbian. It was also believed that someone born on […]

Why Your Debts Don’t Have to Be Such a Problem

by Robin Elliott on August 18, 2014

We tend to focus on how much debt we have, don’t were? Unless you’re one of those geniuses who only focus on how much money they have over at the end of the month. They don’t see debt – they see monthly payments. I’m not talking about them – I’m talking about how we see […]

Linear Thinking Prevents Wealth

by Robin Elliott on August 16, 2014

Linear thinking will hurt you in today’s fast changing world, for it is extremely limiting. Linear thinking goes, “I sell a product or service, and I make a commission or a profit. The more I sell, the more I make.” Worse, still, are those who sell their time, because time is a limited resource. Those […]

The Gathering Storm

by Robin Elliott on August 5, 2014

In 2006, I wrote in this Blog, “In my library at home, I have Winston Churchill’s Volume 1 of ‘The Second World War’, given to my Grandfather by my Dad in 1948. It’s titled, ‘The Gathering Storm,’ and the theme of this Volume is: ‘How the English-speaking peoples, through their unwisdom, carelessness, and good nature, […]

The Downward Spiral

by Robin Elliott on July 27, 2014

To many, the “Politically Correct” western nations have sold their collective, proverbial souls for rancid bowls of poisoned soup. And it’s not only about the invasion of parasites posing as refugees, immigrants, and multicultural friends. It’s not just the steep decline of Capitalism and the ushering in or Satism and Socialism, either; the future of […]

The Thing About Your Slowmo Cash Flow

by Robin Elliott on July 19, 2014

“What? Slow? It’s going backwards!” That is true for a lot of small business owners these days – they’re waiting for the government to do something positive for a change, the economy to improve, their competitor to die, to find a great salesperson… As Dr. Seuss wrote, “…for people just waiting. Waiting for a train […]

Keep Your Powder Dry

by Robin Elliott on July 19, 2014

This allusion is to gunpowder which soldiers had to keep dry in order to be ready to fight when required. This advice reputedly originated with Oliver Cromwell during his campaign in Ireland. In Ballads of Ireland, 1856, Edward Hayes wrote: “There is a well-authenticated anecdote of Cromwell. On a certain occasion, when his troops were […]

The Answer To Building a Profitable Business Network

by Robin Elliott on July 17, 2014

When it comes to making money, most people are as dumb as a dog’s foot. How dare I say such a preposterous thing? Well, I simply observe their consistent choices. As Thomas Sowell said, “It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance,” and the acquisition of meaningful knowledge is not […]

Test Your Level of Cynicism Here

by Robin Elliott on July 15, 2014


Don’t Overlook this Goldmine of Prospects

by Robin Elliott on July 14, 2014

Right under your nose – closer than you think, better than you think, more than you think – qualified prospects whom you’re almost certainly not aware of. Yes, just like the Acres of Diamonds story, we’re often walking on diamonds but searching for them afar and at unnecessary expense. Who are these hidden prospects? Can […]